Update: New Login System & Contextifier

Michael Buckbee

06 Jun 2024

This week we’ve shipped a new login system, had some great community shoutouts, and had the awesome opportunity to meet a ton of folks in person at DevFest.

Github and Google Login

As part of our ongoing efforts to make website security as dead simple as possible, we’ve now simplified the login and signup for Wafris. Use your existing Github or Google accounts to get started in seconds at: https://hub.wafris.org/users/sign_up


Open Source

No matter what stack or platform you’re on if you’re trying to sort out what’s happening with your app at some point a massive log file is going to be sent to you for analysis.

Dealing with big log files is a huge pain because there’s too much data for most easy-to-use tools and while it’s possible to awk+sed your way through it’s still time-consuming.


It’s for precisely this reason that we made Contextifier - an open source, log format agnostic tool for pulling out IP addresses from any logfile and helping you make sense of them.

I had the opportunity to present at the inaugural DevFest happening in Virginia Beach on Contextifier and its use.

If you weren’t able to make it, no worries as we updated the documentation and examples on the repo at: https://github.com/Wafris/contextifier/

Community Thank You

We wanted to thank all the folks who attended our first online security workshop the other week. As a thank you to people who asked any of the great questions or offered feedback we shipped out packs of our “Code For Insanity” card decks.

Just really appreciate all the support.


Photo from @coolprobn on X → https://x.com/coolprobn/status/1797233535104790831

Do this next

We're on a mission to better secure every web app on internet. Here's some ways you can jump in:

1. Check out our Open Source Web Application Firewall

Wafris is the free open source WAF that you can use to understand and visualize the requests hitting your apps and then take steps to protect them. It's still in early development, but you can signup for the waitlist to get early access at wafris.org

2. Investigate IP addresses with our IP Lookup service

Bad bots and probes hit sites within minutes of being put on the Internet. Sort the good from the bad by identifying request IPs as coming from bots, Tor networks, VPNs, proxies and malware hosts at wafris.org/ip-lookup

3. Anything else?

If you have any questions or need help finding the right way to handle web app security issues, please let us know at: help@wafris.org