Wafris' Blog

14 Jun 2024

Update: New TrueTraffic Daily Reports

A new alert notification system, some tips on hardening your application from attack and a new security course from our friend Greg Molnar.

06 Jun 2024

Update: New Login System & Contextifier

This week, Wafris introduced a new login system allowing users to sign up with their Github or Google accounts. We also released Contextifier, an open-source tool to extract IP addresses from large log files. The tool was presented at DevFest in Virginia Beach. Additionally, we thank the community for participating in their first online security workshop and rewarded attendees with "Code For Insanity" card decks.

28 Mar 2024

Update: AI Bot Blocking Edition

Learn how to (and if you should) block AI bots from accessing your site. Our experiences migrating the backend of our application to JumpStartPro and why you should be very cautious about handling DS_Store files.

20 Mar 2024

Update: 29 Million Automatically Blocked IP Addresses

We're happy to announce that our new IP Reputation feature has entered general availability for all paying Wafris plans. Based on a database of over 29 million tracked IPs, this feature builds upon the automated threat detection features we've been focused on shipping. We'd also like to acknowledge Francis Lavoie for his valuable improvements to the Wafris Caddy client.

13 Mar 2024

Update: Canadian Scammers vs Korean Con Artists Edition

We've delivering automation features sooner, following your feedback to move this up. Geoblocking is now generally available for all paid plans, and already countering threats for clients. The Wafris Caddy Client is live. Shout out to Mathias Hansen, who is our contributor of the week.

06 Mar 2024

Update: Massive Memory Improvements Edition

Massive Memory Improvements Edition Each week, we highlight a community member who's contributing to Wafris and share some of our technical progress. We're excited to combine these this week, as Augustin Cavillotti reported some unusual Redis behavior. This report led us to track down a recurring bug bloating the overall ...

10 Oct 2023

RailsWorld 2023 Recap

Attending the inaugural RailsWorld 2023 conference in Amsterdam was a significant decision for our company as there were so many unknowns about the event. But we're glad we did. The conference was a resounding success, and we're already looking forward to RailsWorld 2024.

26 Jun 2023

No Rails World ticket? Here's what to do.

It's a bummer if you wanted to attend Rails World 2023 but there are a ton of great regional Ruby/Rails conferences, so attend one instead you'll have a great time.

10 May 2023

Why we built a new IP Lookup service

Frustrated with existing IP lookup services, we've built a new one for developers and security pros to identify threats from any IP address. Combining multiple sources and our own data we can produce better threat assessments for better security.

07 May 2023

How to create redirects for static websites

Learn how to implement server-side redirects on static websites using Nginx, overcoming their inherent limitations. This step-by-step guide helps developers enhance their static sites while retaining quick load times and ease of deployment, ensuring a better user experience and improved SEO.