26 Mar 2024

Our Experience Migrating to Jumpstart Pro

We migrated to Jumpstart Pro to provide a lot of the core SAAS features for Wafris. This guide walks you through our migration and some of the pitfalls we encountered along the way.

26 Nov 2023

Developers Guide to Rate Limiting Web Requests

Rate limiting is a key feature of APIs and web applications. Implementing it well can save you hundreds of hours of work and make your clients significantly happier.

16 Nov 2023

Developers Guide to Web Application Firewalls

Developers are increasingly taking on more responsibility for the security of their web applications. We explore how a WAF can fit into your application stack and improve the lives of developers.

18 Oct 2023

Migrating to Wafris from Rack::Attack

Rack::Attack is fantastic, but by design, it only covers a small sliver of what's required to identify bad and abusive traffic and block it. Wafris closes the loop on identifying traffic from your logs and helps you set dynamic rules to cover the whole traffic feedback cycle.

12 Oct 2023

Redis Provisioning

How to Set Up Redis for Wafris. Wafris uses Redis to store and process your application's request data, so it's essential to configure your Redis instance for optimal performance as well as choose a Redis provider that support all the necessary Redis features.

28 Apr 2023

Ultimate guide to Rack::Attack

Learn how to protect your site with Rack::Attack